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Organizational Charter 

The whole purpose of the league is exemplified in our FOUNDING By-law statement!

This is a fun and recreational League for ALL players regardless of their abilities and talents to play the game. This sometimes may require patience and consideration for all players rather than being driven by the need to win.

This is the agreement our Founders made with the Hillsborough County Representatives 20 Years Ago - and it is not subject to change!!

This means that if anyone of us feels the need to compete beyond this commitment because of our elevated talents or the need to play more competitively, then one has to look outside this league to play. Talent or ability to play at an elevated level is not a condition for denying play to anyone.

As written in our Code of Conduct:

It cannot be over emphasized that good sportsmanship, a civil tongue & courteous manners are the best attributes that a BSSA player can bring with him on any morning he plays.

Winning: while part of the game it is not the most important aspect of our league.

Winning needs to be placed in it's proper perspective. First consideration must be given to good sportsmanship and proper conduct. Included in this is knowing how to lose without blaming the umpires or our fellow players.

It is expressly forbidden to criticize a player for physical or mental errors and will not be condoned.



Article 1 – Purpose & Organization

Section 1- Purpose:

The purpose of the Brandon Senior Softball Association is to provide for its members so they may enjoy good fellowship, enhance their well being through physical exercise, promote 60 + softball (55 for females) and enjoy playing  slow pitch softball. This league is for fun and recreation.

Section 2- Organization:

Two (2) Directors (The original organizers of the League) who will provide advice and assistance to the Board as may be needed.

The Board now consists of Ten (10) Members/Managers (adjusted as necessary)

The Board will call meetings to address issues that may arise, and Vote on all matters pertaining to league play, and any purposed changes to these By-Laws. A quorum of Six (6) board members will constitute a majority.

The Board will elect a President and Vice President as well as a Secretary and Treasurer. The Secretary and Treasurer positions will be filled by two (2) existing board members.  NOTE: By a vote of the existing Board  of Directors on August 18, 2022 the requirement that Secretary and Treasurer be Board members was eliminated. Those positions may now be filled by any BSSA player in good standing with the approval of the existing Board of Directors.

Duties of the President: The President shall preside over meetings of the Board. He shall maintain order and decide all points of order that may be raised. He shall appoint committees, see that all subordinate officers perform their duties and enforce the by-laws to the best of his ability.

Duties of the Vice President:  the V.P. shall assume the duties of the President in the event of the President’s absence and assist the President to the best of his ability.

Duties of the Treasurer: The Treasurer shall receive all monies collected by the team managers for the purchase of equipment. He will keep records of all financial transactions. He will provide detailed information pertaining to finances to the President when requested to do so. The treasurer along with the President and Vice President shall be charged with administering the Welfare Fund


These three individuals would be required to keep the person in need anonymous, as well as the amount distributed.
Any decision made by the committee would be final. 
The amount of payment from the fund will have a maximum of $500.00
subject to the need of the individual and the availability of funds.

Duties of the Secretary: The secretary will take and keep complete and accurate minutes of all meetings. He shall be responsible for the record of attendance at the aforementioned meetings. He must have the approval of the President before entering any minutes or other reports as a permanent record.

Trustees:  Any Board Member / Manager, who remains as a Manager for at least five continuous years,
and elects to give up the manager position, shall remain as a member of the Board of Directors, holding the title of Trustee.
Trustees will be invited to all meetings to provide advice and counsel and will have full voting privileges.
The position of Trustee shall be considered voluntary on the part of the retiring Manager.
Any Individual removed from his position as manager shall not be entitled to remain as a member of the Board of Directors.

Section 3- Location:

The location of the Brandon Senior Softball Association is the Hillsborough County Parks and Recreation Softball fields Known as:

William Owen Pass Park, 1300 Sydney Dover Rd., Dover, Fl. (as of 9/2009)

Section 4- Membership: Membership is open to persons (Male & Female) 60 years of age for men and 55 for women.  All players must sign a waiver of liability form (annually) for the Hillsborough County Athletic office and the Brandon Senior Softball Association.                                                                                                                                      


Article II- Administrative Rules

Section 1- Uniforms: 

Proper uniforms are required and can be obtained from the appointed manager in charge of uniforms.
All new players will be required to pay for their own uniforms.
  The cost of Uniform replacement items or additional items will be the responsibility of the player as well.                                                          

Section 2- required play:

All members are required to play every Tuesday and Thursday in order to remain on an assigned team. Other arrangements (ie: playing only one day) will be addressed prior to each player draft. Missing any play dates may cause a player to be reassigned. A player shall notify his or her team Manager in advance if he or she anticipates missing one or more games, to remain on the active role.

In the case of an emergency prior notification would not be necessary.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Section 3 Line up:                                                                               

Managers will post team lineups. All players must bat and play as assigned. On all our teams, everyone plays.

No Team shall position more then Twelve (12) players on the field. All players showing up to play will bat as part of the posted lineup. Additional players (over twelve) will rotate in the field at the Managers discretion. As of June 11th, 2009 when ever possible each team will play with 12 players on the field (2 Rovers)

Section 4- Quibbling:

Players shall refrain from trying to influence Umpires or rival teammates with gestures and or audible calls in which there is a disagreement. Players not conforming to the rules may suffer removal from the team.

Section 5- Equipment:

All players are reminded that equipment such as Bats and Gloves are the property of the individual players. At no time may a player use the equipment of another player without the express consent of that player.

Pitching Screen: The rule is as follows: If the ball hits a player’s glove and then hits the screen it is a live ball.

  A “dead ball” is called when the batted ball hits the screen without being touched by a defensive player. This rule was amended 1/20/2015 as follows: If a batted ball hits the screen a strike will be called. This includes the third strike. The screen is to be positioned at the edge of the pitching rubber no more than four feet out in front of the rubber.



Article III Competitive rules

Section 1- Balls and Strikes:

The batting Mat shall be positioned over the rear half of home plate covering only the tapered portion. Any legal pitch striking the plate or the batting mat shall be called a strike. All other pitches will be called balls.

After two walks in any inning the balls and strike count will continue for the following batters. If the next batter receives a four ball count then a new count will begin on that batter. This rule will apply to all other batters in that inning.

At a meeting held on 9/4/2008 the Board unanimously agreed to allow intentional walks. The defending team pitcher will signal for the walk without throwing any pitches.

This rule was amended as follows: If a batter receives four balls in any inning he will no longer be walked. If he receives four balls, following a walk, the count will start over with any strikes against the batter continuing in the count. A batter can not be intentionally walked if he has already walked in the game.

Section 2- Bases:

There shall be 2 bases at first base and at home plate. At first base the inside base shall govern the batted ball as fair or foul. On plays at first base the batter/ runner shall run to the outside base, which is positioned to the right of first base. A batter/ runner touching the inside base shall be declared out regardless of the out come of the play.

At home plate no tagging of runners is allowed. Outs are registered by tagging home plate as the runner approaches the second home plate, which is located eight feet from the original batting home plate and in line with the foul line.

If a batter/ runner touches the batting home plate it will be an automatic out. To register an out the catcher must touch the batting home plate.

Section 3- Running the bases:

From home to first base a runner must touch the outside base when stopping at first unless the ball is hit to the outfield.(In order to avoid a collision, if the outside bag is blocked the runner may touch the inside white bag. Also, if the defensive player is blocked from stepping on the inside bag he may step on the red outside bag.

Runners going from first to second or from second to third or returning to first sliding is permitted but not recommended. Sliding is not permitted when running to first, or going from third to home. When going from third to home only the added home plate will be tagged if run is to count. Commitment line between third and home determines whether a runner must continue home or is allowed to return to third base. A runner can be physically tagged before crossing the commitment line.

While on base, runners must not leave the base until the ball has reached home plate.

Courtesy runners may be used as many times as necessary in any inning. The only restrictions are: Adopted 2/27/2014 the runner on base can request a courtesy runner if he chooses. He can not be asked if he wants a runner.

A-    The Batter must make his/her way to first base before using a courtesy runner. At a meeting held on September 27, 2007 the board agreed to allow a runner to be placed at home plate behind the catcher. This issue will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

B-      An individual chosen to be a courtesy runner may only run once per inning. If the runner is on base when it is his turn to bat he will be called out at the base and then take his turn at bat.

C-At a special meeting held on February 5th 2008 the board overwhelming approved an amendment to allow any player attaining the age of 80 to request a runner from home plate. Amended: Any runner from home plate will only be allowed to run to first base unless in the case of an overthrow of the bag, the runner could advance.

    D- No over running second or third base is allowed.

         Tagging a runner during a force play is to be avoided.

          Touching the base is the proper way to make a force play.

          A base runner on first or second base must not interfere with a defensive player

          when a ground ball is hit.

          The runner must veer off or slide. (Amendment approved 12/13/2005) 

Rule adopted on 2/24/2015:
an outfielder can no longer throw a Batter/ Runner out at first base.

Section 4 – Scoring:

A maximum of five runs (5) may be scored by a team having the lead or in a tie score during the first six (or eight) innings of the game. A team trailing by five (5) runs or more can continue to bat until they make Three (3) outs or the score becomes tied. In the last inning the visiting team can score enough runs to tie the game (if they are behind) and then score an additional five runs prior to making 3 outs. The home team can then go on to score enough runs to win the game. If the game is tied after nine innings a runner will be placed at second base. The runner will be the last player to bat in the previous inning. The runner may then be replaced by a courtesy runner if the Manager chooses to do so.( All additional innings will be open for scoring purposes. (Feb. 2014)

Amended as follows: The last inning of the game (7th or 9th) will now become an open inning.

Section 5 - Field Rules:

Infielders will take warm up throws in the first inning only.

Pitchers will take a maximum of 3 warm up pitches in each inning.

On deck batters must be in the on deck circle and be ready to bat.

If a catcher catches a foul tip the batter is out. No longer is there a requirement that the ball be over the batters head (adopted 2/27/2014

Courtesy Players:

Paragraph 1- If a player has to leave a game early due to injury etc.  the opposing team manager will provide a player to fill the empty position. The manager should provide a player (players) who would best fill in for the player who had to leave. (ie. infielder, outfielder. etc.)

By rotating the defensive player, said player would not have to play in the field for more than one full inning and would continue to bat with his own team.

Paragraph 2A- If the same situation arises late in a game where there is a possibility of picking up a player who has finished playing on another field, the manager would reserve the right to choose a league player (players) from the sidelines. The choice of a player would be done in agreement with the opposing manager. If necessary, the player (players) would bat in place of the player who had to leave.

Paragraph 2B- In the event that no replacement player is available in a late inning game,

than  paragraph 1 would apply and the opposing manager would provide a player.

Paragraph 2C- At no time during the game will an out call be made against the team who has lost a player.

Lastly, for the betterment of the game and in the spirit of good sportsmanship, both managers must strive to reach an amicable decision that is best for both teams.                                                                                          

Article IV- Code of Conduct

Brandon Senior Softball was founded on the basic principles of fun, enjoyment, physical exercise, good sportsmanship, and good fellowship. However, competition and the drive toward wanting to win sometimes cloud these basic principles. We must guard against ever losing sight of these principles.

A Brandon Senior Softball player is:

    . A good sportsman and is courteous at all times

    . Knows winning is not the most important thing.

    . Should never criticize another player.

    . Plays where the manager determines he is needed

    . Should refrain from umpiring from the field or the dugout unless assigned to Umpire as one of the base coaches.  Managers should settle

Managers have the authority to suspend a player for two games if the player leaves the field during the game and refuses to play.

Amendments and additions:

See article III Section 3 base running 12/13/2005

New rules added July, 2007&September27,2007/    See article I Section 3 revised 9/01/2009

See article III section five& section three              See article III section 1 revised 9/4/2008

See article III section 3 C Revised 2/5/2008     See article II Section 3 revised June 11th, 2009 

See article II section 5 Pitching screen revised 7/27/2010 

See Article III Section 5 Courtesy Players adopted 8/19/2010

See Article III section 3 Courtesy runners adopted 2/27/2014      

See Code of Conduct leaving the field of play adopted 2/27/2014                                                                                                                      

See article III Section five foul tip adopted 2/27/2014 
See Article III Section 1 Balls & Strikes
See article II Section V   Pitching Screen. 
See Article III Section III  Batter/ Runner
See Article I Section 1  Trustees
​See Article 1 Section 1 Welfare Fund 06/14/2017

See Article 1 Section 2 Organization 8/18/2022

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