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Practice on Saturday June 1, 2024 is cancelled as all of the organizers will be away playing in tournaments.  The fields are open but no one will be there to open the shed and get equipment out.


Regular practice schedule will resume on Monday June 3.



We will DRAFT new teams on June 18. We need an accurate count going into the draft so please advise your manager if you are NOT planning on playing this summer. It will be HOT so all games will be 7 innings and if necessary we will take a 5-10 minute break after 3 1/2 innings.





Rich Kelly, long time member of our league needs our prayers.  He was admitted to the hospital today (May 9) with infection in the bone on his foot.  This diagnosis is the result of a recent MRI.


The doctors initial plan is to put him on an anti-biotic for 8 weeks.   


He is in Advent Hospital near USF in Room 526

His Phone/text  number is 813-545-1100 

kelly card.JPG


Another First for BSSA,

This week BSSA celebrated their First Father and Son teammates.

Longtime member Felix Morfi  (92) and his son Rafael (64) played together. We believe this is a first for us. Truly an inspiration to all of us.

Rumor has it that Rafael is "almost as good as his Dad".



Shelly advises that he has had his knee replaced successfully and he is doing well:

He figures He'll

be back in the

lineup in a

couple of weeks !

He's ahead of 

schedule !

Shelly Knee.JPG


A visit today from old friend Bill Bonner who has been convalescing for some time but looks pretty good this morning as everyone turns out to say hi and hurry back to the active roster. (Thanks Dennis Mazanec for the photo)

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PageBreak BestBest.JPG
PageBreak BestBest.JPG


As of Wednesday August 28, Batting Practice and pickup games will resume on Wednesdays on our Fields.  

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