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WHO: Men aged 60 and over, Ladies aged 40 and over -  of all abilities from tournament to recreational.

WHAT: The Brandon Senior Softball Association serving the entire Tampa metro area.

WHEN: Tuesday and Thursday mornings. No night games – but we can't guarantee the sun won't get in your eyes!

WHERE: The William Owen Pass Recreational Complex in Dover. We have four well-maintained regulation fields.

WHY: Make friends,  get exercise and enjoy playing a game we love. Many players go to lunch together after games.

FORMAT: Teams are composed by alternating drafts of players creating competitive balance. Teams are re-formed four times a year. This season's opponents may be next season's teammates. Affiliation is to the league as a whole.


ORGANIZATION: The league is celebrating it's 21st year, it has stability and excellent structure. Fee is $25 PER YEAR for 100 scheduled games plus the one time purchase of two league shirts (home/blue; visitors/gray) and a league hat for approximately   $30 Total.  Members can participate in batting practice and pickup games an additional 2 to 3 days per week.

Thank you for your interest in our Association. As our name indicates, we are an Association of Senior Men and Women who play Softball EVERY Tuesday and Thursday. As of 2024, we are in our 21st year and are well organized with eight teams this “Season”. We play four “Seasons” a year picking new teams every three months. We wear Uniform shirts and hats and play a defined schedule.

Our requirements are that men be at least 60 years of age and women be at least 50 years of age. Your age is determined by how old you will be on December 31. So for this year you must be 60/50 by December 31, 2024.


As of March 2024, our average age is 73.4 our oldest is 87 and our youngest is 60.  Half our players are under 73 and half are over 73. We have 21 active players who are 80 and older.

The Player Fee is $30.00 per year. You will be asked to buy a Blue (Home) and Gray (Visitors) shirt and a hat. The cost of each of these is approximately $10.00. You will need your own glove, bat and (rubber) spikes or sneakers. You can surely borrow a bat initially but bats are expensive and owned by each player and you will need permission before using one.

We have four fields and with our current eight teams we play four games every Tuesday and every Thursday beginning at 9:00 AM sharp.  You DO NOT have to join the league immediately. You are welcome to come out and play with us two times before being required to join. Our League policy states that if you are present and sign in by 30 minutes prior to game time every reasonable effort will be made to get you into a game that day (You WILL get in a game). 

We have players at literally all skill levels, we play hard and compete but above all we are a recreational league. We are “self umpired” and rely on the integrity of each and every player to keep our games fair and moving along. 

When you arrive at the park go to the picnic bench in front of the concession stand and look for Paul Gawel, Phil Grassmuck,  Jim Trueman or any other Manager to get “signed in”. We look forward to meeting you.

William Owen Pass Sports Complex
1258 Sydney Dover Road, Dover, Florida 33527



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BSSA Board of Directors

Phil Grassmuck - President
Nat Pieper - Vice President
Rich Columbo - Treasurer 

Dave McGraw - Secretary

Paul Gawel - Player Rep.

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